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How come the words of this Jewish woman, who was murdered in Auschwitz more than 75 years ago, still inspire so many people today? The documentary tells the story of Dina Awwad-Srour (Palestine) and Emma Sham-Ba Ayalon (Israel), peace activists working for global healing. In 2019, they created the “Etty Hillesum Cards”. With their cards and courses they try to contribute to the spreading of Etty’s words and spirit. The film shows how Etty’s words inspire peace workers in the Middle East and help overcoming hatred, dehumanisation and victimhood and despair. Dina and Emma Sham-Ba believe that Etty Hillesum’s words carry a wisdom of deep humanism that the world needs now so urgently. The film was created by Pat van Boeckel for the Dutch TV. For screening the film with English subtitles contact us. 

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